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Mana International Group, Inc. is registered with the State of Virginia in the Greater Washington area. Since its establishment, our company, in its endeavors to provide consulting and tourism, has lived up to its mission to promote exchanges and cooperation between the United States and China in areas of culture, education, technology and businesses. China is undergoing transformation, while America in many respects has reached its accomplishment.

China can take advantage of the experience and lessons that America has acquired in its development, as long as we can make use of them adequately and in a way that is most adaptable to the situation of China. We, therefore, pursue these goals through a myriad of business activities and symposiums the aim of which is to foster understanding and mutual benefits. We have great knowledge about China and have a good understanding of the United States. We understand what Chinese would like to know when they are in the States; we also understand what the better ways are for Americans to engage in various exchanges with China. Situated in such a position, our company has played a key role in smoothing the Sino-U.S. relationship and furthering their mutual development.

After years of development, Mana International group Inc. has proven herself as most reliable cooperative partner in the industry for her quality, comprehensiveness and versatility in tourism services. With years of steady expansion since her founding, the company now has over 40 good selections of vehicles from 7 passengers to 60 passengers and each one of them are insured with over 5 million dollar insurance. What is more important, though, is that we have a team of tourist guides that is professional, cooperative and meticulous in rendering services and therefore is poised to take groups of any sizes. We also recognize by both of American NTA (NTA is the only U.S.-based trade association to have a tour operator qualification program approved by the China National Tourism Administration) and National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China. With effort of both Country and good service of our company, the Chinese Groups we have accepted are dramatically escalated since the last three years.

For example, we even accepted over 3000 Chinese Groups in the year of 2011, it is about 45000 person-times. We have partnership with many hotels, restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York that can provide services to visitors locally and more instantaneously. To guarantee an enjoyable and productive stay for all visitors, we have hired a team of interpreters who are able to cope with translation in many fields. We see ourselves as a bridge that connects China and America. We are here to help people from China bypass difficulties resulted from the barrier of languages and regions. We are here to make sure that when you stay here for your visits you will both enjoy and relax, making your experience of Sino-US cooperation and exchange both happy and trouble free.

Zheng G Cai

General Manager of Mana international Group Inc.

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